10 Awesome Free Fonts For Designers!

Typography can be one of the hardest things to get right and can often be the most vital part of any design. That’s why we’ve thrown together this list of 10 Awesome Fonts that you can download and experiment with.

1. Ailerons

Free Ailerons font

[Designed by Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira Junior]

A sleek and simple font that has a subtle flair to it,  Ailerons was originally designed for an experimental project of air models but is now available for personal use.


Free Array font

[Designed by COQUET ADRIEN]

A really unique font that is sure to catch the eye, FARRAY is free for both private and commercial use!

3. Debby

Free Debby font

[Designed by Artimasa Studios]

This has got to be one of my favourite free fonts out there, Debby is a great way to get a natural painted look for your typography

4. Airbag

free Airbag fonts

[Designed by Simon Stratford]

Named after a Radiohead song, Airbag is a great font for signage, posters or any large format application! The only downside is that you need a twitter account to get the font


[Designed by Tomaz Leskovec]

[Designed by Tomaz Leskovec]

Dang that’s a nice looking font! That’s all I really have to say about this…

6. Shumi

[Designed by Ivan Shumikhin]

Shumi is Bold, Blocky and Fun, this font is sure to catch the ol’ eye of passersby.

7. Futuracha

[Designed by holy ™]

[Designed by holy ™]

It’s not the most versatile font but Futuracha is truely beautiful, I definitely recommend experimenting with this one.


[Designed by Fabian Korn]

[Designed by Fabian Korn]

BEYNO is a truly unique font that can create memorable designs, it’s one of those fonts that really makes you turn your head.

9. Geomanist

[Designed by atipo]

[Designed by atipo]

It’s not the most exciting font but Geomanist is an extremely versatile font, never underestimate clean and simple!

10. Streetwear

[Designed by Artimasa Studio]

[Designed by Artimasa Studio]

Streetwear is a retro font that is perfect for applications like Logo Design, and Branding (especially clothing as the name suggests) It’s also free for both personal and commercial use!


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