CMYK Breakdown

The Difference Between RGB and CMYK

Anyone who has ever opened Photoshop has been met with the question of using RGB or CMYK at some point. These might seem like arbitrary options at first, but each represents a different approach to creating—and displaying—colour. The distinction is explained in our short video. What is RGB? RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue, because

How Offset Printing Works

How Offset Printing Works

Offset Printing A brief and simple ‘how it’s made’ of the process of offset printing, from digital files to the final product our video explains the ins and outs. Check out the quality! Choose now from our super range of print products available at  

What is Overprint

What is Overprint?

What is overprint you ask? Find out here with our easy to understand video on what overprinting is all about and how to turn on or turn off overprint. Overprinting can be very useful or become a huge problem in print. By watching the video above we hope to explain how to use overprinting, when